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Browns Backers Clubs Worldwide List

Browns Backers Worldwide Information

There are more than 260 chapters in Browns Backers Worldwide, which has clubs in 34 states and 9 countries. BBW is the largest fan club network in sports today with more than 19,000 paid members. Browns Backers Worldwide provides membership cards, decals and schedules to all paid club members and acts as a registry for all Browns Backers clubs. BBW frequently emails members with merchandise and event information. BBW conducts events in the Cleveland area, helps clubs coordinate national events, provides assistance in obtaining memorabilia and tickets, and maintains a list of all clubs on its Web site so that members can view games when visiting other cities. Browns Backers Worldwide Molly C. Smith Browns Backers Coordinator, 1085 W. 3rd St., Cleveland, OH 44114 Phone: (440) 891-5153 Fax: (440) 891-7529 Email:
This may be the most comprehensive listing of Browns Backers Clubs on the web. If you are part of a club that is not named here, please contact us.

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